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New Business – setup and launch

Alfresco Outdoor Kitchens

We have a name – what now?

When James and Vicki expanded into the outdoor kitchen business, they approached us to help set up the brand, build a website, and get them ready to exhibit at the Auckland Homeshow. We start with developing the logo, which is often the cornerstone of a business and can dictate the look and feel of any marketing material.

When we asked if they had images and content for the website, they said … “No, but we do have some samples we can assemble in our driveway.”



This led to doing a photoshoot at their home in between the rain. We shot the kitchens to match the angles of a range of pre-selected stock images. Then the magic happened as we started photoshopping the kitchens into the outdoor settings. The results were outstanding and formed the core of our launch brochure and visual content for the website.

Auckland Homeshow Launch – 6mx3m stand. Bringing outside inside was the challenge – we created a garden setting with a full colour printed fabric backdrop and side ‘hedges’. We sourced reusable interlocking decking for the floor and propped the display with planters and ferns.

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